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You have the best intentions to workout everyday, but time, boredom and injury get in the way. You wish there was a program that was free, fast, effective and has plenty of variety. You want to be motivated by a personal trainer in real-time who can inspire you to keep working out day after day without that dreaded feeling of having to psych yourself up for a workout. You don’t want tons of equipment. You’ve signed up for programs or joined a gym that you just don’t love and then feel guilty about it. You want to look good and feel good but you LOVE food and living a balanced lifestyle! You would love your weekends off to rest & recover.

We’ve all been there…

That’s why we were so passionate to create The Cleo Method. A FREE, easy to access workout program that is always fresh - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There are no burpees, no squat jumps, no damaging exercises to the knees & joints. This program is so refreshing you will actually look forward to doing your workout each day. You can literally ‘roll out of bed’ and get this workout done before your day begins. It was designed with this intention.

“Really loved today’s workout. There were some exercises in there that I haven't done before and I loved it. The Cleo method has introduced a whole new way of working out for me and I am so grateful that it exists.”
NICOLE (you can see Nicole’s comments on EVERY workout post!)

The format is:
25 minutes x 5 days per week
Dumbbells only
Via our YouTube Channel

Why did we create this?

Cleo Harper is a solution-focused company. Our activewear solves all the problems you could wish for in a good pair of black leggings and this workout program is no different. We care about the products we create and we start with the ‘experience’ in mind for the customer. If you’ve ever ordered Cleo Harper Activewear, you’ll know we’re all about the details and once you try Cleo you will say what everyone else says… “Ah, now I get it!” The fit, the feel, the style is everything. The Cleo Method is an extension of that for us. Bringing to life our beautiful garments with a sustainable daily routine that you will love.

When you workout with The Cleo Method, you will:
Save Time
Save Money
Be excited to workout
Never get bored
See Cleo Harper Activewear in action

These workouts were designed to bring a sense of enjoyment to working out and be gone with the dread we can often feel before a workout.

You will get your daily workout done FAST and feel GOOD!
You will SAVE money with this free program
You will have so much FUN with our trainers

What do you need to do?
Step 1. Grab a set of dumbbells and your mat
Step 2. Load the latest workout on the Cleo Harper YouTube channel
Step 3. Press play on the spotify playlist we have prepared each day
Step 4. Spend 25 powerful minutes of your day with us
Have your weekends off, knowing you’ve done a great job each week.

ALSO! Every workout has a built-in 2 minute warm up/cool down flow with the trainer so you get that beautiful, energising stretch before and after while catching your breath.

About the creator:

"As a former internationally qualified ballet teacher, specialising in injury prevention, now busy mum of 3 and business owner in the fitness industry, I had a deep need for a workout routine that is different with each workout, non repetitive, done-for-me in the sense that I can press play and the workout is loaded, music done, timer done, I can check out mentally and just enjoy the workout.

I loved and enjoyed group circuit training for years because the format was amazing - a new workout everyday, the music was great, the trainers were so much fun, but after 2 years I started to get niggly injuries that I have never had in all my years as a dancer so I knew it was time for a change. Nothing else really compared and I tried so many things for years - workout apps, reformer pilates, strenuous workouts that always had burpees and exercises I dreaded. BUT in the summer of 2023, The Cleo Method was born - creating a new workout everyday that strengthens and tones using dumbbells and body weight. The format is a pilates/weights fusion, with no jumping, skipping or anything hard on the joints. It is delivered by our Cleo Method trainers who work so well as a team and encourage you through the screen in every workout. The added bonus? You will see Cleo Harper Activewear in action in every workout and be inspired by how we style all the different collections together. Just another beautiful visual element of The Cleo Method each day." 
Vanessa, Founder & Creative Director, Cleo Harper

“A creative at heart, if something doesn’t exist yet, I need to bring it to life.”

There are so many workout programs to choose online but what makes The Cleo Method different?

This is the only workout program we have found worldwide that delivers 5 new workouts per week with the trainer training with you in real-time (not pre-recorded clips edited together telling you to complete 20 reps). You can workout with her huffing and puffing like you are and you feel not so alone in the midst of your hard work. Better yet, the sets and exercises are designed to be over and done with before you know it.

Where do you access this amazing program?

On The Cleo Harper YouTube Channel

What does The Cleo Method cost?

What’s the catch?

Nothing. Cleo Harper designed this program to give back to our community and to create a way where we can showcase our beautiful Activewear each day. That’s it! Plus selfishly, we wanted a program that didn’t exist so we made it.

“I loved today’s workout!! I put off a workout till 11 pm lol but knew I'd want to do one and this was a great end to the day! Thanks!”

(again, we designed the program so you can workout at 4am or 11pm - even if it’s late in the evening you won’t dread it because it feels so good on the body)

What will you get?

5 new workouts every week (we recommend Monday-Friday and then taking the weekends off as your rest days)

25 minute format so you can get in and get your workout done right out of bed each morning

6 trainers that want to see you succeed in your journey. We have a Facebook community page where you can talk to the trainers and ask questions anytime

400+ exercises that shape the program

6 different workout formats - 3 sets, 6 sets, 2 sets repeated, etc. The circuit moves fast.

140+ workouts already in the library but you can start with the latest or go back to a favourite workout

Full Body sessions in every workout so you know you’re working all the muscle groups

Monthly challenges to keep you motivated and of course being an activewear brand we have some amazing prizes to be won.

"These 35 second formats are my favourite. It makes me feel like I’m breezing through the workout! The past few challenge workouts made me feel stronger and more determined, and the quick format is an incentive for me to squeeze it into my busy day.” MANISHA

25 Minute Workouts
FREE on the Cleo Harper YouTube channel each day

The Cleo Method is for you if you’re ready for a change. Keep life simple with our fast & effective workout program where you get more time back in your morning routine or during your day. Tell a few girlfriends, get them on board and do it together. In the space of your own home, you don’t need a lot of room, just a set of dumbbells and YouTube!

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