Collection: Moody Summer

Introducing Cleo Harper Activewear's highly anticipated Moody Summer Collection. This season, we invite you to embrace the enchanting allure of stormy skies and serene coastal landscapes. With a color palette that harmonizes rich, earthy tones, you'll find yourself immersed in the tranquility of Moody Summer. Imagine the soft, amber hues of a sunset, beautifully complemented by the deep berry tones of mulberry. Olive, a vibrant green, adds a touch of nature's elegance, while birch provides the perfect neutral backdrop to balance the palette. Completing this captivating collection is ginger, a glorious shade that exudes warmth and sophistication. Discover a diverse selection of activewear essentials, including 7 bralets, 3 leggings, 4 shorts, 1 bikini bottom, 2 tanks, 2 tees, 2 denim jackets, 1 denim short, 1 cozy sweater, 1 stylish shirt, 1 pair of comfortable slides, and an exclusive relaxed cap - a special gift for the first 500 orders on launch day. But there's more to elevate your wardrobe: introducing our Gold Jewellery collection, designed to be both waterproof and sweatproof. Elevate your style with these functional yet elegantly crafted accessories, designed to complement every outfit you own. The pinnacle of activewear luxury has arrived. Moody Summer is a celebration of peace, quiet, and the beauty found in stormy skies and deserted coastlines. Weathered, cool, and inspired by the moody weather of summer, this collection is your invitation to find clarity and serenity in the midst of it all. Explore Cleo Harper's Moody Summer Collection and experience the ambiance of the season.