Collection: BodyBase

Unveil the exceptional fitness experience with BodyBase by Cleo Harper, a premium fabric meticulously created to enhance your workout sessions. Crafted from a compressive-style fabric, BodyBase pieces boast a luxurious smoothness that caresses your skin while delivering unparalleled support, making you feel both secure and comfortable throughout your fitness journey. Our BodyBase collection goes beyond expectations with its remarkable breathability, ensuring that you stay cool even during the most intense workouts. Thanks to its quick-drying properties, you can power through your exercises without worrying about discomfort. What sets BodyBase styles apart is its steadfast adherence, ensuring it stays firmly in place during your toughest workouts. Experience the fusion of style, support, and functionality like never before. Dive into the world of Cleo Harper's BodyBase fabric and discover activewear that elevates your fitness game while embracing your body's every move. Explore our collection now and redefine your workout wardrobe with activewear designed to empower your active lifestyle.