Everyone Loves Pockets

Everyone Loves Pockets

Depending on the type of workouts you do, we all need (and love) a pocket.

Both our Forte workout legging and our Spin active short are designed with two pockets, deep enough for a phone, keys or anything else that you need to carry on your workout. Pocket styles are great for mum’s for those days in the park when you need to have both your hands free to watch over your little ones. Fitness trainers that wear Cleo Harper have also told us the pocket styles are super handy when teaching.

The Forte workout legging and Spin active shorts are here to stay, we love bringing out new colours and prints in these styles as well as having those basic, classic colours regularly in stock.

The popular Spin active short is currently available in navy and black which are staples in any activewear wardrobe. If you want something a bit more colourful, we currently have our Spin style available in our Tortoise print in a golden amber colour. If you want a full-length legging with pockets, you have even more options; our Forte style is available in black, khaki, charcoal and navy, and a super flattering print called Stamp.

Find your favourite and secure yourself some pockets for your next run or park outing.

x The Cleo Harper Team

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