10 minutes with Lizette Cabrera - Cleo Harper

10 minutes with Lizette Cabrera

How long have you been playing tennis?

I started tennis at the age of 4 and a half! And I’m 23 now so fair to say I’ve played for a long time nearly 20 years I think.

When did you know that you wanted to make tennis your career?

At age 13 was the real turning point for me and that is when I decided I wanted to make a career out of tennis. My family moved to Brisbane for my tennis to train full at the national academy. Their sacrifice and belief in me was another reason I knew I really wanted to become a professional tennis player.

What is your greatest achievements on the court?

My biggest achievements were back 2016 when I had a crazy year with winning my first two pro tournaments in Australia in front of my family after having such an amazing year. My ranking went from 1062 in the world to finishing the year at 202 in the world and 4 in Australia. Another big achievement was winning my first pro title overseas in Canada! Lastly, making my first ever main draw Grandslam debut in my home country at Australian Open in 2017!

Did you have a highlight when playing in the Australian Open this year?

My highlight was playing on Rod Laver arena against the world number 2 Simona Halep. It’s always been my dream to play on Rod Laver against the best in the world and it was the most surreal moment for me, and I’m so grateful for that experience. Also to be wearing a custom made Cleo Harper dress for the whole world to see was also very special!

How often do you train?

I am very grateful that tennis is my job but also doesn’t feel like one! I train 6 days a week Monday to Saturday with Sundays as my rest days.

Which Cleo Harper pieces are your favourite and why?

It’s hard to choose because every outfit I own of Cleo Harper feels so good and looks amazing on the court! But my favourite has to be the Tour shorts. Not many tennis brands have these shorts and they are so comfy and they adapt so well on court as well as when I am doing fitness in the gym! I love all the tee’s and bralets on court as well because they are so light and supportive.

What are your favourite pieces from the current Savannah collection?

I love this collection so much! My favourite pieces are the Savannah Tour shorts, Jordana bralet and the oatmeal Drift tank.

When you play, you're wearing custom made Cleo Harper outfits, is there a reason why you pick a particular outfit for a certain game?

I sure do and I’m so grateful and happy Cleo Harper has invested in me! I love being able to wear custom Cleo Harper. I love matching my outfits with collections that have come out or depending on what surface I play on and the colours of the court I like to have a nice contrast with my outfits. During Australian Open we decided to go with a red and pink dress and it looked so nice at night on Rod laver arena. The team at Cleo go above and beyond for me with my outfits and I love being able to wear them and stand out because the designs are so beautiful and feminine.

Due to Covid-19 many of your upcoming tournaments will be played without a crowd - how does this affect the players?

It obviously sucks not being able to play in front of a crowd during these uncertain times. They always bring such a great atmosphere and I love playing in front of a crowd. However, I’m just happy and grateful we are fortunate enough to be playing again under safe restricted conditions!

Where are you off to next? Do you know how Covid-19 will affect your 2021 season?

The 2021 season will look a lot different to past seasons. We are required to stay in a bubble every tournament we play which means we can’t leave our hotel unless we are going to the tennis! I’m planning to head to Europe for the clay season in mid April if all goes well! Due to the quarantining back in Australia, I will look to stay overseas for the whole season and probably be away for 6 months. I know it will be hard because I love being home but during Covid you have to learn to adapt and make more sacrifices!

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